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With 70 years of combined experience in the public sector, we understand how the government works and we have the skills, connections, and drive to make it work for our clients. No two projects are the same, and we tackle each challenge with a customized approach, tailored to our clients’ specific needs and unique goals. Specializing in government relations, strategic communications, and grassroots advocacy, we’re able to tackle any issue from multiple angles, providing the greatest opportunity for success.

Government Relations

Having worked extensively within the Wisconsin government, we have deep-seated relationships with government officials who have decision-making power when it comes to the issues that motivate our clients. However, we don’t rely exclusively on these connections to help our clients achieve their objectives. Instead, we leverage a well-designed and superbly-executed strategy to accomplish our clients’ goals. Our government relations-specific services include legislative, administrative, and regulatory lobbying, bill and rule drafting, issue monitoring, political intelligence, procurement, policy analysis, state appropriations and budgets, relationship building and management, and political and policy research.

Grassroots Advocacy & Training

Sometimes, the most effective route to further our clients’ goals is to mobilize public stakeholders whose day-to-day lives are affected by the policy in question. We position our clients to leverage citizen-based activism by helping them build, organize, and manage grassroots campaigns. In the past, we’ve utilized our political connections and know-how to further our clients’ initiatives by writing and preparing speech outlines, media support materials, brochures, and public information packets, as well as arranging editorial board meetings and press conferences. Other services related to grassroots advocacy include issue advocacy strategy, non-partisan issue-based campaign planning and management, and coalition building.

Strategic Communications

In order to for our clients to accomplish their goals, it’s crucial that they understand the best way to communicate with their audience — whether that be government officials, the media, their organization’s stakeholders, or the general public. Understanding the audience and defining the communication objectives is the first step. Next, we help our clients craft compelling and persuasive messaging and identify the communication channels that will serve them best when it comes time to disseminate their message. Other strategic communication services include crisis management and communication, media plan development, and training and relations.

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