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Here we have a number of resources — newsletters, videos, and presentations — that we’ve created and compiled to both educate our clients and demonstrate the breadth of our knowledge and expertise. If you have questions regarding any of the resources here, we encourage you to contact us.

Capitol News

Legislative Leadership Elected

In this update Makeup of the 2021-2022 Legislature Assembly Republican Leadership Senate Republicans Leadership (previously announced) Assembly Democratic Leadership Senate…

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Meet the new members of the Wisconsin Legislature

24 New Lawmakers Elected on November 3rd There will be 24 new to their chamber lawmakers sworn in to the…

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Capitol Notes: Political & Legislative Update 4-9-2020

In this update Political Update COVID-19 Update Political Update April 7th Election No Election Results Yet! The Wisconsin Elections Commission…

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2020 Election

Capitol Notes: 2020 Wisconsin Election Results

In this update Here is the current status of Wisconsin races with 95% of precincts reporting: Joe Biden leads narrowly…

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Wisconsin Polling Update; 9th MU Law School Survey of 2020

Quick Hits on the Poll President Donald Trump Favorability -10% Favorability 44% (Was 42% in first Oct. poll) Unfavorability 54%…

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Primary Election Results (8-11-20)

August 11th Primary Election Results Federal Races All 8 of Wisconsin's seats in the US House of Representatives are up…

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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #198 (11-30-20 PM)   

Updated numbers from Monday November 30th, 2020: 1,845 Hospital Admissions, 395 patients in ICU, 6 patients at the Alternate Care…

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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #197 (11-30-20)

  Week-In-Review & updated weekend numbers Week-In-Review (11/21-11/27/2020): There were 30,892 positive tests reported last week, which is down 12,888, from the week prior. The…

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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #196 (11-24-20)

Updated numbers from Tuesday November 24th, 2020 1,999 Hospital Admissions, 438 patients in ICU, 9 patients at the Alternate Care Facility…

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