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Here we have a number of resources — newsletters, videos, and presentations — that we’ve created and compiled to both educate our clients and demonstrate the breadth of our knowledge and expertise. If you have questions regarding any of the resources here, we encourage you to contact us.

CapitolNotes: Key Polling Takeaways #6

In this summary, rather than showing you movement or trends we will look at the big picture and show a…

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CapitolNotes: Polling Update Update (10-31-18)

This polling update details the race for Wisconsin Governor, for the US Senate, and for the Attorney General. It also…

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CapitolNotes: Legislative & Political Update (10-29-18)

The summary describes the final gubernatorial debate between Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers. The race remains too…

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Our Videos

Unspun: A breakdown of major topics from the gubernatorial debate
NBC 15


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