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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #232 (3-5-21) Week-In-Review


Week In Review


  • 257 Hospital Admissions, 76 patients in ICU, 0 patients at the Alternate Care Facility
    • Hospital admissions are down 47 for the week (-47).
    • The total number of ICU patients decreased by 13 (-13) for the week.
    • The total number of patients at the ACF has remained at 0 since December 25th.
  • Cumulatively there have been 566,158 positive tests in Wisconsin:
      • 3,351 positive tests reported last week, which is down 960, -960, from the previous week.  
      • The 7-day average for positive tests is now 478+/day. (7-day average was 615+/day last week)
  • Deaths from COVID-19 are at 6,477 in Wisconsin. 
      • 78 COVID-19 related deaths(54) less than the week prior.
      • The 7-day average for deaths is now 11 deaths/day. (7-day average was 19 deaths/day last week)
  • 552,311 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are listed as having recovered (97.6%), 7,211 cases are still considered active (1.3%) and 6,477 patients have died (1.1%). (last updated by DHS on 3/5)  
Vaccine Distribution:


  •  Vaccine Distribution (as of 3/5/21)
    • 1,895,025 vaccine doses allocated to Wisconsin (+269,150 more than week prior)
    • 1,474,205 vaccines have been ordered (+207,100 more than week prior)
    • 207,100 vaccines in transit (-1,280 less than week prior)
    • 1,631,270 vaccines have been administered (an increase of +290,576 since last week)
    • 572,501 Wisconsinites have received the two dose series of the current vaccines. (An increase of +129,475 since last week)


Now that more populations are eligible for the vaccine, we will track more broadly the distribution by age and by healthcare emergency readiness coalition (HERC) region.


Week-In-Review COVID-19 News:


  • Gov. Evers announced that Wisconsin announced that over one million people in Wisconsin have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine with more than 500,000 individuals having completed their COVID-19 vaccine series. According to the release, Wisconsin ranked among the top in the nation and first in the Upper Midwest for number of doses administered per 100,000 people and is third in the nation in percentage of doses administered. Additionally, over 1 in 4 Wisconsinites age 65 and older have been fully vaccinated and nearly 3 in 5 have received their first dose. (Link to Release)
  • DHS announces that Wisconsin will receive an initial allocation of 47,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine next week. However Wisconsin is not expected to receive another shipment of the J&J vaccine until later in the month. The initial 47,000 doses will be targeted at teachers and daycare providers as part of the DHS allocation strategy. (Link to Release)
  • On March 1st new groups became eligible to receive the vaccine including; Education and child care staff, Individuals enrolled in Medicaid long-term care programs, Some public-facing essential workers such as 911 operators, public transit, and grocery store employees, Non-frontline essential health care personnel, Facility staff and residents of congregate living settings. K-12 education and child care staff are the priority group within the newly eligible. (Link to Release)
  • Wisconsin has launched a COVID-19 Vaccine Registry that will provide a central place to let people know where and when they can they can get vaccinated, and let them schedule an appointment. The Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine Registry will be used by those who opt in and will not be a comprehensive resource for all vaccination options. Health care systems, pharmacies and local health departments may already have their own registration and scheduling software.


Week-in-Review (2/27-3/5/21):


Positive Test Results


There were 3,351 positive tests reported last week, which is down 960, -960 from the previous week.  

  • An average of 478 positive test results per dayWas 615+/day the previous week.






Dane county had the highest number of new positive cases, with 549 new positives, 28 more, +28 more than the previous week.

  • Milwaukee county came in with the second highest number of new cases, 490, which is 164 less, (164) than the previous week.
  • Rounding out the top five counties with the most positive new cases were; 
    • Waukesha county; 342 new cases, +28 more than the previous week
    • Outagamie county; 156 new cases, (51) less than the previous week
    • Brown county; 131 new cases, (15) less than the previous week







  • There were 78 COVID-19 related deaths(54) less than the week prior.





    • Milwaukee county had 13 of the 78 deaths from the last week, which is +3 more than the number of deaths in the county reported the previous week. 
      • Dane county reported 5 deaths, no change from prior week;
      • Marathon county reported 5 deaths, +1 more than the previous week.
      • Fond du Lac county reported 4 deaths, +2 more than the previous week.
      • Columbia, Outagamie, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan and Walworth county each reported 3 deaths.




Updated Charts as of 3/5/21



 Weekly Numbers:







Cumulative Numbers:


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