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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #166 (10-2-20)

Updated numbers from Friday October 2nd, 2020 and Week-In-Review

  • 663 Current Hospital Admissions (181 patients in ICU)
    • Hospital admissions are down 6 (-6) since Thursday. 
      • Hospital admissions are up 120 (+120) for the week.
    • The total number of ICU patients reported decreased by 27, (-27) since Thursday.
      • ICU patients are up 34 (+34) for the week.
  • Cumulatively there have been 1,573,477 COVID-19 tests in Wisconsin;
    • 127,906 positive tests and 1,445,571 negative tests in Wisconsin (8.1% positive rate for the pandemic)
      • On Friday there were 2,745 positive tests reported on 13,595 tests (20.2% positive rate Friday)
      • The 7-day average for positive tests is now 2,440/day
  • Deaths from COVID-19 are at 1,353 in Wisconsin. 
    • On Friday there were 5 deaths reported
  • 103,530 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are listed as having recovered (81.0%), 23,005 cases are still considered active (18.0%) and 1,353 patients have died (1.1%). (last updated by DHS on 10/2) 




Week-in-Review (9/26-10/2):

Positive Test Results


There were 17,078 positive tests reported last week, which is up 3,529, +3,529, from the previous week.

  • An average of 2,440 positive test results per dayWas 1,936/day the previous week.

Milwaukee county had the highest number of new positive cases, with 1,853 new positives, 318 more, +318, than the previous week.

  • Brown county came in with the second highest number of new cases, 1,523, which is 207 more,  +207 than the previous week.
  • Rounding out the top five counties with the most positive new cases were;
    • Outagamie county; 1,207 new cases, +454 more than the previous week
    • Winnebago county; 1,138 new cases, +219 more than the previous week
    • Dane county; 872 new cases, (18) less than the previous week

  • There were 79 COVID-19 related deaths, 43 more than the week prior, +43.
    • Milwaukee county had 12 of the 79 deaths from the last week, which is 6 more, +6, than the number of deaths in the county reported the previous week.
    • Winnebago county had 8 deaths, +6 more than the prior week.
    • Waukesha county had 5 deaths, +3 more than the week prior
    • Brown county had 4 deaths, +1 more than the week prior
    • Dodge county had 4 deaths, (1) less than the week prior

  • There were 79,004 tests conducted over the past week (an average of 11,286 tests/day)
    • There were 2,932 less tests conducted this past week (-2,932) than the prior week.

Percent Positive Test Results:


  • On average, 21.6% of tests came back positive this week.

Marshfield Clinic, Aspirus & Ascension Joint Statement on Increased COVID-19 Hospitalizations

[From Statement]

Our regional health systems are continuing to see an increase in COVID-19 related hospitalizations and patients testing positive, particularly in the last few weeks. We have been working hard for the last six months to prepare for this surge, and we continue to provide quality, safe care for our communities.

The numbers of COVID-19 cases and positivity rates have been rising across the Midwest. To help meet this challenge, we must work together as a community to take the steps we know can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Following the guidance of public health agencies by wearing a face covering, practicing social distancing, washing your hands, avoiding high-risk situations and staying home while sick, can all make a big difference in the health of our communities.

We stand with public health officials in their educational efforts around these basic and essential measures as they work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. Now is not the time for any of us to become complacent. We are far from being clear of danger.

In addition, it is more important than ever to get your flu shot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend all people six months and older get flu vaccinations to protect themselves and others from getting the flu.

We have the power to turn things around. We need everyone to take this seriously to slow the spread. Wash your hands, watch your distance, wear masks while in public and get your flu shot. If we all do this, we can protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

Link to Statement

Updated Charts

Daily Numbers:


Cumulative Numbers:


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