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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #152 (9-16-20)

Updated numbers for Wednesday September 16th, 2020

  • 370 Current Hospital Admissions (103 patients in ICU)
    • Hospital admissions are up 27 (+27) since Tuesday.
    • The total number of ICU patients reported increased by 8, (+8) since Tuesday.
  • Cumulatively there have been 1,388,025 COVID-19 tests in Wisconsin;
    • 92,172 positive tests and 1,295,312 negative tests in Wisconsin (6.6% positive rate for the pandemic)
      • On Wednesday there were 1,408 positive tests reported on 12,196 tests (11.5% positive rate Wednesday)
        • The 7-day average for positive tests is now 1,340/day
  • Deaths from COVID-19 are at 1,228 in Wisconsin.
    • On Wednesday there were 8 deaths reported
  • 80,627 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are listed as having recovered (87%), 10,839cases are still considered active (11.7%) and 1,228 patients have died (1.3%). (last updated by DHS on 9/16)


Dane County Executive Office: “Public Health Contact Tracing: Over 88% of UW Students with COVID-19 Report Illness”

Reported in their press release today are the following of note:

The vast majority of UW Madison students who have tested positive for Covid-19 are reporting symptoms associated with the virus. That’s according to preliminary contact tracing findings of Public Health Madison & Dane County. 88.3% of students who are positive reported varying degrees of sickness.

Data from Public Health Madison & Dane County shows as of Tuesday, September 14th:

    • 2,160 UW Madison students have tested positive for Covid-19. The vast majority of them are undergraduate students who moved to Madison at the start of the fall semester. Based on those who have been tested, at least 7% of the 31,185 undergrads on campus are positive for Covid-19.
    • Five of the ten Wisconsin counties with the highest rates of case are home to a college campus.
    • Public Health Madison & Dane County and University Health Services attempted 3,991 contact tracing interviews between July 28th and September 14th. 3,590 of them (90%) resulted in an interview with a Public Health official. Contact was unable to be made in 10% of all positive cases.

Link to press release

Updated Charts

Daily Numbers:

Cumulative Numbers:



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