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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #144 (9-8-20 AM)

Weekend Update (9/4-7/20)

  • 289 Current Hospital Admissions (91 patients in ICU)
    • Hospital admissions are up 3  (+3) since Sunday, down 13 (-13) since Friday.
    • The total number of ICU patients reported decreased by 5 (-5) since Sunday, down 25 (-25) since Friday.
  • Cumulatively there have been 1,308,553 COVID-19 tests in Wisconsin;
    • 81,760 positive tests and 1,226,793 negative tests in Wisconsin (6.3% positive rate for the pandemic)
      • On Friday there were 1,498 positive tests reported on 11,702 tests (12.8% positive rate Friday) This is a new one-day high for positive tests
      • On Saturday there were 946 positive tests reported on 8,021 tests ( 11.8% positive rate Saturday)
      • On Sunday there were 893 positive tests reported on 5,509 tests (16.2% positive rate Sunday) This is a new one-day high for positive rate
      • On Monday there were 567 positive tests reported on 5,466 tests (10.4% positive rate Monday)
        • The 7-day average for positive tests is 880
  • Deaths from COVID-19 now total 1,168 in Wisconsin.
    • On Friday there were 7deaths reported
    • On Saturday there were 15 deaths reported
    • On Sunday there were 0 deaths reported
    • On Monday there were 0 deaths reported
  • 72,478 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are listed as having recovered (88.7%), 8,096 cases are still considered active (9.9%) and 1,168 patients have died (1.4%). (last updated by DHS on 9/7)




Dane County Has Record Setting Number of COVID-19 Cases Saturday

In a press release on Sunday, Public Health Madison & Dane County reported that Dane County’s number of positive COVID-19 cases reported on Saturday September 5th, (147), was the highest single-day number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Previously, the highest number of cases in a single day was 141 on June 30. This record-setting day follows several days with over a hundred cases.

Of these cases, at least half were UW-Madison students or staff. This includes people tested on campus. It does not include all students who might have been tested at off-campus test sites. As such, this number will increase as contact tracers complete interviews.

Public Health Madison & Dane County asks that everyone in the community:

  • Avoid gatherings. Skipping gatherings limits the chance for virus to spread. Nearly 4 in 10 people who test positive say they gathered with people they don’t live with.
  • Wear masks. Masks are required indoors, and we strongly recommend them outdoors anytime you are near others.


Link to press release

Statement from UW System President Tommy Thompson on UW-Madison undergraduate student gatherings

“Chancellor Blank is taking prudent steps to mitigate outbreaks by limiting student gatherings. Like  other universities throughout the nation, UW-Madison is taking aggressive actions to adapt to the circumstances informed by its testing strategies. We knew there would most likely be an increase in early cases and today’s decision, while inconvenient to students, is necessary. UW System will continue to work with all its campuses to address specific circumstances as they arise .”

Link to statement

Updated Charts

Daily Numbers:


Cumulative Numbers:




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