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COVID-19 Wisconsin Update #143 (9-4-20)

Week-In-Review (8/29-9/4) and updated numbers from Friday September 4th, 2020

  • 302 Current Hospital Admissions (116 patients in ICU)
    • Hospital admissions are up 9 (+9) since Thursday, down 7 (-7) over the last week
    • The total number of ICU patients reported increased by 12 (+12) since Thursday, up 13 (+13) over the last week.
  • Cumulatively there have been 1,289,557 COVID-19 tests in Wisconsin;
    • 79,354 positive tests and 1,210,203 negative tests in Wisconsin (6.1% positive rate for the pandemic)
      • On Friday there were 1,498 positive tests reported on 11,702 tests (12.8% positive rate Friday)
        • This is a new one-day high for positive tests and % positive 
        • The 7-day average for positive tests is 768
  • Deaths from COVID-19 now total 1,153 in Wisconsin.
    • On Friday there were 7deaths reported
  • 70,229 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are listed as having recovered (88.5%), 7,954 cases are still considered active (10%) and 1,153 patients have died (1.5%). (last updated by DHS on 9/4)




Week-in-Review (8/29-9/4):

Positive Test Results

There were 5,373 positive tests reported last week, which is up 451 (+451) from the previous week.

  • An average of 768 positive test results per day. Was 703 the previous week.

Milwaukee county had the highest number of new positive cases, with 760 new positives, 121 less (-121) than the previous week.

  • Dane county came in with the second highest number of new cases, 469, which is 137 more (+137) than the previous week.
  • Rounding out the top five counties with the most positive new cases were;
    • Brown county; 427 new cases, (-96) less than the previous week
    • Outagamie county; 396 new cases, +162 more than the previous week
    • Waukesha county; 279 new cases, (-58) less than the previous week

  • There were 40 COVID-19 related deaths, 5 less than (-5) week prior.
    • Milwaukee had 11 of the 40 deaths from the last week, which is 1 more (+1) than the number of deaths in the county reported the previous week.
    • Walworth county had 5 deaths, 3 more (+3) than the week prior
    • Waukesha county had 4 deaths, 1 more (+1) than the week prior
    • Kenosha county had 3 deaths, 1 more (+1) than the week prior

  • There were 58,769 tests conducted over the past week (an average of 8,396 tests/day)
    • There were 78 more tests conducted this past week (+78) than the prior week.

Percent Positive Test Results:
  • On average, 9.1% of tests came back positive this week.



DHS: New Data Dashboard Shows COVID-19 Trends by Age Group

The Department of Health Services (DHS) today released a new data dashboard that displays confirmed COVID-19 cases by age group. The new view allows people to better understand how COVID-19 is affecting populations in Wisconsin. Current data show that those in the 18-34 age range have more confirmed cases and higher rates of illness than all other age groups.

On the new dashboard, data are displayed in two graphs. First, showing the number of COVID-19 cases in each age group by week. Then, as cumulative totals that show all cases in each age group over time. Viewers can toggle the graphs to either display number or rate. Number show total COVID-19 cases for each age group. The rate accounts for differences in how each age group makes up the population, and provides a more “apples to apples” comparison.

Example of data now available;

For the week of 8/30:

    • Age <18: 145+
    • Age 18-24: 442+
    • Age 25-34: 288+
    • Age 35-44: 186+
    • Age 45-54: 192+
    • Age 55-64: 167+
    • Age 65+:  183+

Link to press release

Updated Charts

Daily Numbers:


Cumulative Numbers:




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