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August 10th, 2020 Wisconsin Polling Update

New Wisconsin survey released;

  • CBS News Battleground Tracker -August 4th-7th, 2020
    1,009 Registered voters in Wisconsin (Margin of Error ± 3.7%)


CBS News Battleground/YouGov:

In their first poll in Wisconsin of 2020, the CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov survey had the following findings of note:


  • Presidential Race:
    • 48% today would vote for Joe Biden, 42% would vote for President Trump.
      • Independents are 43% Biden-38% Trump
      • Men are 47% Trump-43% Biden
      • Women are 54% Biden-38% Trump
    • 93% rate their support for their candidate as strong right now (72% said “very strongly” and have decided on their vote and 21% said “strong” and probably won’t change). Only 7% said they might still change their vote.
    • When Biden voters were asked what the main reason for their vote for Biden is;
      • 51% said mainly to oppose Trump, 27% because they like Biden and 22% because he is the Democratic nominee.
    • When Trump voters were asked what the main reason for their vote for Trump is;
      • 58% said because they like Trump, 27% to oppose Joe Biden and 15% because Trump is the Republican nominee.
    • How candidates handle themselves personally (regardless of policies);
      • 68% dislike how Trump handles himself, 32% like
      • 50% dislike how Biden handles himself, 50% like
    • Biden’s VP Selection
      • 56% of likely voters said Biden’s VP selection will not be important in how they decide to vote (15% not very important-41% not all important). 44% said it is important (18% very important-26% very important). 61% of Democrats say it is important, 46% of independents and 25% of Republicans.
      • Among likely Biden voters they are evenly split on the strategy of his VP selection; 51% would prefer a politically safe choice and 49% would prefer a politically bold choice.
    • Issues that are a factor in the vote for president:


Issue Major Factor Minor Factor Not a factor
Economy 84% 14% 2%
Health Care 74% 22% 4%
Coronavirus Outbreak 68% 21% 11%
Recent protests 60% 27% 13%
Immigration 58% 34% 8%
Gun policy 57% 33% 10%



  • Coronavirus in Wisconsin:
    • 60% say things are going badly in Wisconsin in its efforts to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus (45% somewhat-15% very), while 40% say things are going well (5% very well-35% somewhat well).
    • 58% rate Gov. Evers as doing a good job in handling the coronavirus outbreak (17% very good-41% somewhat good) and 41% give him a bad rating (22% very bad-19% somewhat bad).
    • 43% think the coronavirus outbreak in Wisconsin is a “very serious problem, but not a crisis,” 23% think it is a “crisis.” 22% think it is a “serious problem” and 11% think it is “not much of a problem.”
    • 51% believe Wisconsin moved “too quickly” in reopening the economy and 25% said Wisconsin moved “too slow.” 24% thought Wisconsin moved “about right.”
    • 59% think schools should reopen in the fall in some fashion (24% full reopen, back to normal- 35% reopen in a limited way). 41% believe schools should remained closed until the outbreak is contained.

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