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Capitol Consultants, Inc. is a nonpartisan firm specializing in government relations, strategic communications, and issue-based grassroots advocacy.

Who We Are

Since 1992, we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals by managing their relationships and position within the public sphere. We ensure our clients’ success by developing a comprehensive strategy focused on controlling the message, properly framing the debate, and creating support for their position. No matter what, we put our clients first, protecting and advocating for their organization as if it was our own. With us, client success is never uncertain — it’s inevitable.

Our Services

We draw upon our extensive experience in government and government relations to offer a wide variety of expert services to our clients, many of whom have become long-standing partners.


We specialize in lobbying government officials, representing our clients’ best interests and protecting their ability to conduct business in the state of Wisconsin.


We build, organize, and manage grassroots campaigns by writing and preparing speech outlines, media support materials, brochures, and public information packets, as well as arranging editorial board meetings and press conferences.


We help our clients define their communication goals, develop messaging, and pinpoint the best channels through which to reach their target audience.

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